I don’t like getting close,

It only gets me broken.

I don’t like taking that risk,

It always has the same outcome.


Thank you for always making me feel like I’m never enough, no matter how hard I try

Thanks for abandoning me and emotionally abusing me and always acting like it didn’t happen because you don’t want to talk about it

Thanks for acting like emotional abandonment and abuse can just be erased and forgotten, and triggers can be avoided, just at the press of a magic button or prompt of the word, “stop”


There are things we do in life, choices we make.

Everything counts.

You don’t always think about it, but everything counts.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment.

One moment, and your world is over.

The life you know can change.

Things you held on tight to, they can disappear.

Things evaporate. People disassociate.

No erasing, only moving forward.

Everything hangs on a thread.

What do you choose next?