the look

you’re hard not to talk to.

i had a dream i saw you.

and you just walked up to me somewhere,

with the biggest smile on your face.

your hair had gotten longer,

it’s been too long since i saw you,

and it was hanging around your smiling face.

i don’t remember much else about it but that.

just the way you looked at me when you saw me.

i miss you.



there are people in life that you will hurt. some of them will forgive you, but others will not. if they forgive you, please realize how lucky you are. please learn from your mistakes, and be better for them. and if they don’t forgive you, that’s okay. but, please. learn from what you have done. you don’t want to wind up old and alone, with no one to love, just because someone is capable of giving you another chance. just because they are capable, doesn’t mean they have to. don’t hurt good people, and don’t take it for granted when someone is able to forgive. forgiveness isn’t always that easy.


you ever meet someone that just makes a huge difference for you, and doesn’t even know it? someone that pushes you out of your comfort zone in ways you’ve needed far too long; someone who makes you start to question and push your own boundaries again. the people that make you wonder why and how you work, and how you’re going to fix it. make your mind twist and form new shapes and designs and new ailments for itself, for when it longs to be nothing. for me, those people never know how much they strike a fire in me, and if i let them know, they get scared and they run. but you, you set me aflame, and i will be damned if i don’t stand here burning from the embers you left for me.

missing memories

i feel your teeth grinding against my neck, and pleasure kicks into gear and drives through me. i miss your hands running over my skin, almost skipping pieces entirely like i am too soft to touch. i bite my lip, thinking of your lips; how badly i would love to suck them dry, how badly i would love to be brushed by them. my arms feel lonely, empty, without someone to hold onto; don’t forget that i love being held by you, too. don’t forget that i am in love with you, even if i can’t bring my mouth to say the words right now. hold onto me, even if just in a memory.