the leech

we used to be close,

you held my hand as i walked through paths of broken glass.

you heard my stories and my cries,

were always an ear by which i could reside and hide inside.

each time we were together,

i fell into your arms, and you protected me like a flower losing its petals.

you leaned up my chin,

asked, “can i kiss you?”

i said yes, and i melted at the sweetness i saw in your eyes.

for so long, you chased me.

i was that pretty butterfly, just out of your hands reach.

i was that balloon you let go of too soon,

making you jump up and off your feet to try to catch me.

but, you never caught me.

i guess that festered inside of you, rotting you out…

some time had gone by,

you started facing me with so many lies.

i broke down, having no one to hold my hand.

i felt completely abandoned,

dried up of all love and life i had been radiating.

you didn’t even care.

you were holding the hand of someone who i had raised.

your lies pinched their way through your teeth,

darting their ways at my eyes.

you came for blood,

you wouldn’t give in kindly, you weren’t done.

you’ve shared my home for two years,

and every time i walk past your disgraceful shape,

i feel myself become overwhelmed with hate.

i hurt, and i know you don’t care.

you lied to her, lied to me,

just to get your way, living free, so unfair.

you have been handed everything,

like you’re the prince of this shit castle.

you suck dry everything that lands into your hands.

the holes in the walls of what once was will never be repaired.

this isn’t burning bridges,

when we’re standing on the same one.

i just want to make it across alone,

but have every one of you behind me, sitting and waiting to judge.

how do you take so much,

when you know you’re giving nothing in return?

how do you sit there doing nothing,

just hiding alone in her room?

you couldn’t get to me,

so you took the one i raised almost my whole life.

the leech will always find a way,

to make you lose sight of what is right.



you said you like the taste of me.

but how could you like something so bittersweet?

bite my tongue, i bleed tar into your mouth.

kiss my lips, I’ll suck your air right out.

i take everything. i need it.

i need to feed the inner demons.

i try to ignore it, but the scratching gets deeper.

before i know it, i have claws in my veins.

speckled spikes running down the line,

capillaries bursting with toxic invasion.

i must do it, i MUST.

and then it’s done. and you are gone.

the taste of me is nothing to be won.


i wish that there was a way

we could be together, happily.

that you could be mine,

call me baby, and sweet things.

that i could hold you when i cry,

feel our fingers intertwine,

run my fingers through your hair.

i would put my head down on your chest,

probably fall asleep because i am restless,

and you would laugh at the little snores coming out of me.

waking up, rubbing my eyes,

looking up and seeing that you’re there, you’re mine.

i would set my love upon your lips,

and hope you feel every inch of me become static,

i become electric from your touch.

the look

you’re hard not to talk to.

i had a dream i saw you.

and you just walked up to me somewhere,

with the biggest smile on your face.

your hair had gotten longer,

it’s been too long since i saw you,

and it was hanging around your smiling face.

i don’t remember much else about it but that.

just the way you looked at me when you saw me.

i miss you.


there are people in life that you will hurt. some of them will forgive you, but others will not. if they forgive you, please realize how lucky you are. please learn from your mistakes, and be better for them. and if they don’t forgive you, that’s okay. but, please. learn from what you have done. you don’t want to wind up old and alone, with no one to love, just because someone is capable of giving you another chance. just because they are capable, doesn’t mean they have to. don’t hurt good people, and don’t take it for granted when someone is able to forgive. forgiveness isn’t always that easy.