Probably Not.

The thoughts are everywhere. All day. But at night, they get so much worse. I remember everything, you know… I remember too much, and it burns. I feel my heart in my chest, but it aches at your absence. I know you don’t care, but I miss the presence of you. I miss when things were okay. I miss when you held my heart in your hand, and you cared if you dropped it. I miss the sweetness you could hold for me, it just never lasted long enough. I had a future in my mind, where your hand was in mine; Now I can’t even get a response. I found notes, saw your writing, and my heart cried in silence. I can’t look at lost love. I wish there was a way to coexist without bleeding. I wish there was a way I could hold you right now. But there isn’t, and I burn. I should get some sleep, but my eyes close to images of you. My dreams replay videos of you, but only sweetness now; Only the anxious, opening of one heart to another heart. Do you miss me, at all? No… Probably not.


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